Shipping Policy


  1. We are responsible for the serviceable pin codes as per our Branch List (subject to emergency local changes).
  • POD/DRS shall be provided in special cases, which will not be bound for payments.
  • Transit time is co-related to pick up time vis-à-vis the respective cut-off times.
  • GST @18%  on the invoice value will be applicable on the above offered rates (subject to change as per prevailing Govt. Rules).
  • In event of discontinuation of service, either of the party to the agreement shall be given 15 days notice.
  • Any dispute arising between the parties to this agreement with regard to any matter pertaining to this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the courts of Odisha.
  •   We will not provide any transit insurance .In case of any loss or damage, service provider will provide you the certificate of fact only (COF) and DTDC will not entertain any short payment due to LOST/DAMAGED consignment for that we will charge 0.2% on the invoice value.
  • Agreement shall mean collectively this agreement, and the annexure to this agreement as amended from time to time accordance with the terms of this agreement. No acknowledge, confirmation and other communications, will supplement or modify any term of the agreement unless signed by duly authorized representatives of both the parties of the agreement.
  • The Company reserves the right to refuse booking of any consignment without assigning any reason whatsoever.  Further the Company reserves the right to check any consignment booked by the Customer.
  1. The Customer agrees not to book any of the following items through the Company:  a) Currency, b) Gold, c) Drugs, d) Explosive, e) Hazardous chemicals, f) Bearer bank DDs or cheques, g) Liquids, h) Radioactive material, i) Pornographic material j ) glass items or any article so banned under the Indian Postal Act 1896.
  1. The Company reserves the right to withhold delivery of any consignment booked by the Customer if proper acknowledge ment, viz, signature, company seal, date and time of delivery is refused by the concerned consignee and the Company will not be responsible for any consequence or loss due to such non-delivery.  Unless otherwise specified all deliveries will be made only at the address mentioned on the consignment/consignment note. However the Company reserves to right to claim and receive the courier charges for the consignment.
  1. The Customer will provide full address with pin code number and telephone number for all consignments booked for easy identification and prompt delivery.  The Company will not deliver any consignment with post-box address only.  Further, the Company will not provide any proof of delivery in respect of consignments to be delivered to Governmental / Semi-Governmental offices.
  1. The Customer agrees to submit written declarations, stating the value and details of any non-document consignments booked.  The Customer also agrees to pack the consignments in such manner that they are not damaged during transportation. The Customer is required to follow the respective sales tax, VAT, Octroi, customs, excise duty and any other statute of the Country of origin as well as the destination and shall complete all the necessary paperwork with regards to the movement of the consignment. The Company shall not be responsible for any improper paper work and the customer shall indemnify the Company for any loss or expense incurred due to such improper paper work as required by the statute.
  1. The Customer agrees to reimburse the Company on demand any payment incurred by the Company towards octroi charges, sales tax or any other government levies for any consignment booked by the Customer.
  1. The Company will do its best to deliver the consignments within the specified time limit; however the Company will not be responsible for any loss incurred due to delay in delivery for any reason whatsoever.
  1. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the consignment caused due to any act of God, such as accidents, any natural calamity, riot, commotion, strike or any other cause whatsoever beyond the control of the Company.  No claim for loss or / and damage will be entertained by the Company in such events.
  1. The Company reserves the right to use any mode of transportation, viz; Air, Railway, Surface or a combination of any or all the modes for couriering the consignments.
  1. The Company holds the right to destroy all records of delivery and other connected documents after 90 days of booking.
  1. In case the Customer asks the Company to pick up and book consignments from various stations simultaneously, the minimum billing amount per station should be Rs 5,000 /- per month.   To start the pick up Customer need to intimate the Company  before 72-96 hrs to make necessary arrangement.            
  • This arrangement will continue till it is terminated by either party by giving notice in writing to the other (notice period of 30 days).
  • The terms & conditions printed overleaf of consignment note are also binding on the Customer.
  • Company reserves the right to change policy without any notice in advance.
  • Both the parties agree to intimate the other in writing in advance for any change in terms and conditions as mentioned in this contract.  In witness whereof both the parties hereto execute this contract the day and year herein written above.                 

We sincerely hope that the above rates and terms are suitable to your requirements and look forward to a long-standing business relationship with you.